Sophia Hameed

By Alana Winns

Photo from: @sophiahameed

Photo from: @sophiahameed

Don’t let her age fool you; Sophia Hameed is making power moves. She’s only 22-years-old, but the Miami native is the Assistant Director of Dean’s Office Affairs & Undergraduate Initiatives at NYU Stern School of Business. Not too shabby for someone fresh out of school.

Before Sophia earned herself a hefty title with the well-respected college, she was putting her passion of empowering others into action. She graduated with degrees in Anthropology and Entrepreneurship from NYU last May, which is where she spent most of her time volunteering.

“I’ve been able to see how much transformative power education can have,” she says.

She volunteered for Women for Afghan Women, a women’s human rights organization based in Kabul and New York, teaching English literacy. It allowed her to work closely with other women and encourage them to think big.

Sophia grew up Miami, Florida in what she described as a learning environment. Her mother was an English teacher. She taught her how to properly use the English and some life lessons.

“I had a mother who really inspired me and pushed me to discover how important learning is,” she says. “It completely changed my life.”

Seeking out education is something that she says is important because it can change lives. The more a person can lean and pass on to others the better. She advises anyone who wants to get involved to get involved anywhere they can.

“Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start and I think by seeking out those opportunities and just getting involved anywhere is a step in the right direction,” she says.

The future looks bright for the aspiring entrepreneur who says she wants eventually work for a non-profit or social enterprise that supports education literacy and women’s rights.